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Sales Management Extension for DNN Portals

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Yours Sales? Managed.
From Leads to Invoices

The most professional Customer Relationships Manager software for DotNetNuke portals on the market.

Store, manage and access all information for the most important aspect of your business: your Customers. From the creation of the Opportunity, to the Quote management, to the Sale Order: keep everything under control with Synergy!

Check your Sales and other information by using the Reports and Charts built-in features, anytime!

Screens for "Synergy: CRM" specific functions

Screens for "Synergy" module generic features

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ver 01.00.09
Released: 22/Jun/2015

System Requirements

Synergy CRM Module will run under a DotNetNuke version 7.0.0 or higher. The system requirements are, therefore, the same as DNN 7+ portals:

Microsoft IIS 7.0 or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher
.NET Framework 4.0 or higher

Visit for more information about DotNetNuke installation.

Versions History

Here you can see the list of bug fixes and changes in each single release

Versions List

  • 01.00.09 - 22/06/2015
  • 01.00.08 - 06/06/2015
  • 01.00.07 - 18/03/2015
  • 01.00.06 - 17/03/2015
  • 01.00.05 - 21/01/2015
  • 01.00.04 (Beta) - 17/12/2014
  • 01.00.03 (Beta) - 17/11/2014
  • 01.00.02 (Beta) - 16/09/2014

Fixes & Change List

  • Bug Fix Generic smaller bug fixings and adjustments.
  • Bug Fix Deleted elements could sometime still appear in the lists on popups.
  • Change Another part of the Helpdesk module has been deployed with this updgrade.
  • New! Max Length function to trim long string in Views.

Free Edition
Yeah, you pay nothing!

0 $

  • Single User
  • Max 5 Customers/Products
  • Good for Start or Testing
  • Yes, it's Free. Grab it.

No investments!

6 $

  • Price is per User per Month
  • Pay only what you really need
  • No Limits and Upgrade options
  • Good for small business

Standard License
Single payment, no limits

179 $

  • Perpetual license, pay just once
  • Unlimited Users and Records
  • Good for medium business
  • Most popular Edition!

Source Code Pack
100% Customizable

1,899 $

  • Get the full source codes
  • Change or add anything
  • Written in .Net C#
  • Priority Support from BravoDNN

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Topics Summary

  • 1 - Introduction
  • 2 - System Requirements
  • 3 - How to Install
  • 4 - Licensing System
  • 5 - First Configuration
  • 6 - Product Catalogue
  • 7 - Customers
  • 8 - Opportunities
  • 9 - Quotes
  • 10 - Sales
  • 11 - Documents
  • 12 - Tasks
  • 13 - Level and Points
  • 14 - Attachments and Images
  • 15 - Events, Comments and Notifications
  • 16 - Reports
  • 17 - Administration
  • 18 - Support


Synergy CRM Module is an Extension for DotNetNuke CMS Portals. It consists of a Customer Relationship Manager and tracks every information regarding the Sales processes of a Company. In particular, it stores details for Customers, Opportunities, Quotes and Sales. With a complete system of Tasks and Notifications, the sales team is informed in real time about updates and all due dates are met. A Reporting section can be used to analyze the ongoing of the sales processes.

Synergy Online Demo

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Only authenticated Users can access Synergy Module. If you do not own an User Account, please contact your System Administrator.

Account for Online Demo

Please login with one of the users listed below, and click on "Start Synergy" button.

James Dunn (Sales Manager)
Can view all the content in Synergy Module
username: james.dunn
password: Password1
Kimberly Williams (Sales Account)
Can view only the assigned elements in Synergy Module
username: kimberly.williams
password: Password1
Donald Harrison (Sales Account)
Can view only the assigned elements in Synergy Module
username: donald.harrison
password: Password1
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